Favourite Covers…

To try and give some context to our up-coming releases we thought it would be nice to share some of our favourite songs. Tunes that have often times gotten us through¬†– and made us the musicians we are. First up – Brian’s version of Po’ Boy by Bob Dylan, from his amazing 2001 album Love & Theft. Enjoy!


First mixes from Greenfields…

So after the usual panic on first listen back, (when everything sounds awful and you think you’re after wasting a load of time and money!…oh the joys), Donal got stuck in and started doing some quick mixes. The tracks immediately started coming together. They’re sounding like a proper band – unlike our first recordings which were done in a mad rush during stop start sessions. Overdubs and bits to do still… but we may have actually pulled it off. Album is on track.

First time together…

Today was a special day. We were all in a room together for the first time! For one reason or another there has always been somebody missing when we did our recording. But when Jeremy came over the back wall this evening, and jumped into the jam that changed. And my word could you hear it! The sound is becoming so full (in the best way possible).

Back at it at 2 tomorrow. Yuss.

First day jammin went very well..

I arrived over from London Monday afternoon. Hoped in a rental car and headed wescht. Got to Galway just before five. Only in the door when lads and lassies started turning up. Cuppa tae and straight to business. Instruments out.

Because of the way we have rehearsed up until now i.e in a mad panic before recording, it was a great feeling to sit down for the first time and just play the tunes together.

They sounded great and we banged through them, making arrangement changes and some new parts as we went. Some are sounding sweet already. Should be a lovely set.

Seven down, lots more to do. My kind of work.