GreenFields Studio…

Oh my word what a studio. And Gerald, what an engineer.

We didn’t do ourselves any favours by arriving an hour late for a planned six hour session, with eleven tracks to record live! But Gerald worked like an demon and got all eight of us set up in record speed.

The first three tracks took an hour and a half to do, and it didn’t look good for getting them all done. (It’s always the hardest time in a studio. Getting used to the mix in your ears and the strangest of the set up). But once we got going we started to lash through them. In no time we were half way. Then Gerald kindly decided to stay an extra hour to help us get the last few done (he was off to Dublin for a gig himself).

We just about pulled it off. All eleven done. Serious effort.

Can’t wait to hear it back now…but on to Dublin for a few nice shows first!